5 Jaw Dropping Growth Tactics Every Amazon Seller Must Know

5 Jaw Dropping Growth Tactics Every Amazon Seller Must Know

Selling on Amazon is getting harder and more expensive. Yet this isn’t necessarily a bad thing…  

It simply means that the sellers who take the time to understand the marketplace and build REAL businesses (both on and off Amazon) will win bigger.  

The rest will simply get washed out of the market. It’s nature’s way of thinning the herd.  

Below are 5 critical insights I’ve discovered working alongside over 100 Amazon sellers in the last few months. A few of which are doing over £1.5 million per month…  

#1 – PPC is getting more expensive, yet vital to the success of your business  

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Amazon reduced the amount of space available for sponsored ads as it was creating a poor customer experience for visitors. Secondly…  

Competition has increased across the board. This is pushing up the bid costs on high volume keywords, making it un-profitable for a lot of sellers.  

My advice…  

AVOID the high volume keywords that EVERYONE is competing for. Instead focus your ad spend on longer tail keywords and lower volume keywords.  

We’ve seen bids cut in half, yet sales increase significantly after running this test.  

Everyone believes they must be bidding on the highest volume KW’s to make sales. This is incorrect.  

Go in the opposite direction that everyone else is moiving towards. Let your competitors scrap it out in the high volume arena.  

#2️ – Use Facebook and Instagram to find hungry buyers (but don’t direct them to your listing)  

The majority of sellers are focusing on selling to the 3% of the population who are currently in buy mode (actively searching on Amazon right now).  

Problem is your competitors are also going hard after that top 3%. And if you split up that 3% of easy customers between you and your competitors, you’re never going to make any money.  

The REAL MONEY LIES IN THE REMAINING 97% of the population who are in the ‘information gathering’ or ‘awareness’ stages of the buying cycle. 

Which is why…  

…you MUST be utilising Facebook to hunt down these potential customers before nurturing them before eventually converting them into a lifelong customer.  

However, you DON’T want to be sending these potential customers straight to your Amazon listing. It will significantly damage your conversion rate and sink you down the rankings.  

Instead, you want to capture their details through a lead magnet, competition or giveaway. Then position Facebook re-targeting ads in front of them over a sustained period of time.  

That way, they’ll click through to your listing ONLY when they’re ready to buy (it can take 15 points of contact before a sale is made, plus it’s dead cheap through FB ads).  

Savvy sellers we work with are executing these strategies right now and seeing HUGE increases in sales.  

They are also building up their mailing lists, which they can leverage over and over again to generate more revenue. 

Moving on…  

#3 – ️Quality images will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your sales  

Far too many sellers spend hours drilling into their bullet points and descriptions (which are important). Yet the reality is…  

…you’ve only got around three seconds to grab the visitor’s attention. And the best way to achieve this is through INCREDIBLE IMAGES. 

We’ve seen huge increases in conversions on mobile after adding engaging lifestyle images and high quality product shots to the listing.  

Infographics are also a must have. Use these to highlight the product benefits so that a potential customer can scan this graphic instead of reading long-winded bullets. We’ve seen conversion rates shoot up after adding infographics.  

Also did you know…  

…earlier last month, Amazon announced is sizable investment in visual search, which gives users the ability to search by picture. 

My prediction?  

Keywords in visual categories such as fashion and home décor will soon lose their power. It will all be about creating a strong customer experience through visual.  

#4️ – Use ManyChat and the Early Reviewer Programme to generate reviews  

Generating reviews through Amazon is practically impossible now, which means you’ve got to think outside of the box.  

Firstly, the Amazon Early Reviewer programme is now live in the UK and our students have seen sales increase quickly after taking advantage of this.  

In a nutshell you can pay Amazon to get reviews on your recently launched products for you without violating their TOS.  

Granted, it’s pricey. Yet the reality is, BRAND NEW LISTINGS WITHOUT ANY REVIEWS WON’T MAKE ANY SALES, so it’s certainly worth the investment.  

The alternative is to think outside the box and utilise 3rd party platforms such as ManyChat to spark conversations with your audience and then request reviews. 

You must be executing this strategy anyway, as it’s a brilliant method to build up your audience whilst gaining valuable feedback.  

We’ve proven that if you’ve got an incredible product, insane creative and a solid price point, you only need 21 five star reviews to become competitive.  

#5️ – You must continuously re-optimise your listings

From June, Amazon’s algorithm started moving towards favouring listings whose titles are RELEVANT to the customers search terms, instead of being stuffed with keywords.  

Put bluntly, if your ASIN titles aren’t fully optimised and up to scratch then your products WON’T APPEAR in search results.  

You must be re-optimising your listings at least once a month. 

One tip is to pull out your search term reports and embed the long tail keywords (which lead to a conversion) into your copy.  

Make sure you FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT BENEFITS within your copy, not the features. Customers don’t care about your features. They are only concerned about how it will solve their problem.  

Hopefully the above has been useful. 

The thing is though…

It’s all well and good knowing these tactics now, yet the reality is in 4-weeks time these would have evolved and changed again. 

And unless you are continiously up to date with the latest strategies required to crush it on Amazon, you’ll simply get left behind choking on your rivals dust. 

Which is why we provide you with these killer tactics week in week out within our LaunchPod training programme… 

And INSTEAD of playing catch up every month, you’ll position your business in podium position. 

If you’re interested in exploring this further, then I want you to book in a 1-1 demo of LaunchPod. On this Skype/Zoom call we’ll run through the entire programme and you can discover whether this is a good fit for you and your business.

To book a 30-minute demo simply click HERE. 

– George  

Former Amazon Employee and Founder of The Listing People  

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