About Us

About Us

How did The Listing People start? In a nutshell, members of our team learnt the ropes on the front line whilst working as account managers at Amazon UK.

After leaving Amazon we then delved into the world of freelance, helping business owners who didn’t have the time or skills to list their products on the platform, before managing some of their accounts on a daily basis.

It didn’t take long to realise that there are thousands of companies throughout the UK and Europe that aren’t selling their products on Amazon. After throwing a few questions at our existing clients, we established that the main reasons for business’s not having their products listed were either a lack of time or lack of expertise on how to set up their account and then run it efficiently.

We decided to solve this issue. After launching your Amazon business, we take your products and list them for you, ensuring they are fully optimised and primed to sell. You then simply sit back and concentrate on the areas of your business that need your full attention.

We cannot guarantee sales (sadly we don’t have that kind of power over consumers – we’d be very rich if we did), but we can guarantee that your products will be best placed to generate sales, on a marketplace that is predicted to sell a mind blowing 12.6 billion items a year by 2020.

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