Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

Amazon’s focus on sponsored placements is transforming the ecommerce platform into a ‘pay to play’ arena where brands must advertise to stand out in a competitive market.

With orders generated by ads increasing by 54% in 2018, it is now essential that you’re investing in expertise, technology and resources to capitalise on this opportunity. Our team have 6+ years of internal Amazon marketing experience and will tailor a strategy around your brand in order to drive sustained growth.

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1. Strategy Consultation

We initially seek to gain an understanding of your brand, before devising a bespoke advertising strategy based on budget and sales objectives.

You’ll be assigned a TLP marketing manager who’ll develop an understanding of each target ASIN, where it sits on the Amazon product life cycle and what your objectives are for said product.

Overseen by our marketing director, we’ll map out a long-term plan, with revenue milestones so you can track progress.

2. Keyword Harvesting

Each client and ASIN requires a unique strategy, however, as a rule of thumb your product will fall into one of two categories; has been advertised before or hasn’t been.

If your product is the former then we’d initiate a preliminary “Harvest” phase before progressing, if not then we skip straight to the next step.

3. Campaign Development

The basis of our initial campaign is underpinned by intense keyword research, where pioneering technology combines with years of experience to build your initial campaigns from the ground up.We fuse this with your “Harvest” data, then work closely with you to determine, on an ASIN level, what specific keywords/competitors you’d like to target.

4. Refine & Report

Once campaigns have been setup you can sit back as your marketing manager continuously fine tunes to keep things on track – communicating results with you on a bi-weekly basis. We incessantly drill into the data and your competition, to identify new opportunities – ensuring that you’re permanently on the front foot.

30 day Amazon Advertising figures from a loyal client we’ve been working with for over a year. 

30 day figures from a new client who’s brand presence we’re developing on Amazon.

Annual figures demonstrating our focus on building sales velocity and feedback over the past 3-months as part of a wider strategy.

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