Brand Development

Brand Development

Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon shoppers scan with their eyes, with the majority taking 3-seconds or less to decide whether they want to hit that buy button or not. Most shoppers rarely read long product descriptions or bullet points.

They simply look out for benefit-rich images and infographics to quickly understand how your product will solve their problem and enhance their life.

By creating captivating EBC for your product listings you can grab the customers attention, before showcasing the products unique value proposition through enhanced images and text placements. Implemented correctly, EBC have proven to increase traffic velocity and sales, as it allows you to differentiate your brand from your competition, whilst building an emotional connection with the end user. The EBC feature is quickly evolving from a brand bonus to a brand necessity.


In a nutshell an Amazon Storefront is your own mini-website but located within the Amazon marketplace that not only increases sales, but also protects your brand.

Not only do you have the opportunity to showcase all of your products in one place, but you can also educate your audience about your brand and why they should be buying from you.

Another huge benefit of Storefronts is that they can be used as landing pages for both Sponsored Brand Adverts and external adverts from third party sites such as Facebook and Instagram.


In today’s fast paced environment, you must communicate your products message in a concise and engaging way to set it apart from the competition.

One way to achieve this is through visual storytelling, which enables you to attract, inform and even entertain your audience to help your them understand complex concepts easily.

Infographics allow you to transform buried or boring data into captivating visuals that can build your brand visibility, gamer engagement and increase sales.

Check Out How We Work

Step 1: Brand Awareness

We will sit down with you and discuss your creative expectations and brand guidelines. Our team will gain an understanding of your product features, so we can tailor the designs.

Step 2: Creative Proposal

Our team of designers and content writers will compile captivating designs that not only fit your brands image, but also have been proven to increase conversions.

Step 3: Delivery

Once you have confirmed you are happy with our concept designs, we will implement the designs on your Amazon account and submit them for approval.

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