Fagron Case Study

Fagron Case Study

Fagron UK

Fagron are a global market leader in the pharmaceutical compounding market.

Their products and innovations are sold to over 200,000 customers across 62 countries worldwide.

The Listing People help pharmaceutical brand increase Amazon sales by 442% in 6-months


In the first half of 2018, Dan and his team were struggling to drive traffic to their listings, which were buried deep in Amazon’s search results. The brand wanted:

  • To appear on page 1, whilst driving a sustainable volume of traffic to their listings.
  • To utilise the selling features on offer to create captivating content to increase conversions.
  • Enrol onto the Fulfilled-by-Amazon programme.
  • Launch new products on the marketplace.

Dan passed the reins over to The Listing People, and we set about re-vitalising their listings to help boost sales.

  • TLP optimised Fagrons listings, embedding keywords throughout the listing to help it rank higher within the search engine.
  • We then enrolled the products into FBA, advising on inventory management tools.
  • Our team created captivating Enhanced Brand Content, that showcased the products features and benefits.
  • Our marketing team managed their advertising campaigns, achieving average ACoS scores of 7%.

‘’Appointing The Listing People was one of the best investments we made. They managed our full Amazon account, executing strategies that would have taken me years to learn. Now that we’ve witnessed the potential of Amazon, we’ve appointed TLP to launch multiple new products for us.’’ Dan – Fagron UK


Increase in sales since starting to work with Fagron


Average ACoS score on manual advertising campaigns.


Page that Fagron products appear on, often as an Amazon Choice.

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