Listing Translations

Listing Translations

The Opportunity

Amazon’s European marketplace is poised to surpass the US market, however, brands are finding the barriers to entry too high so aren’t taking advantage.

The UK currently has 20% more selllers than DE, despite DE being Amazon’s 2nd largest market. This presents an incredible opportunity for brands to capitalise on an unsaturated market.

If you attack Europe with the wrong strategy, rushing the process, then you run the risk of misrepresenting yourself and ruining you brand image.

Our Service

Our team of localisation experts all have internal Amazon experience, giving them a much sounder understanding of what is required by brands to succeed in each market.

In addition to this they are locals in your target marketplace, so whether you need German French Spanish or Italian work, we’ve got covered. We don’t translate, we localise.

This essentially means that instead of a direct translation our local team actually consider how the sentence should be structured in their language.

Step 1: Send us your ASIN

After gaining and understanding of your product and brand, we’ll map out a plan to build your European listings in each marketplace you want to expand into. 

Step 2: Keyword resarch

Successful listings are underpinned by intense keyword research. Our team will undertake thorough deep dives not only on your product, but also on your main competitors, so we can target the highest converting keywords. 

Step 3: Localisation

Utilising the data obtained from stages 1 and 2, our local copywriting conversion experts will translate your listings into the required language, embedding keywords in strategic locations to maximise visibility. 

Step 4: Delivery

Upon completion of the above tasks, our team will send your translated and localised Amazon listing, along with your keyword report. If you require any amendments, we will complete this until you are 100% satisfied. 

What Others Are Saying?

Helen Hibberd
As a one woman band, it means one less thing to think about, so I can focus on running my business.
Paul Bucks
I can’t speak the language, but I feel so confident placing my brand in their hands.
Alice Harrison
For a small investment my products are now available, looking amazing, to millions of new customers

Price Table

Basic Translation
  • £95.00
  • Premium localisation of your core product details, this includes:
  • Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Description (HTML included)
Premium Localisation
  • £125 per listing
  • Organically optimised, high converting listing title
  • 5 benefit rich bullet points
  • Brand driven keyword rich product description in HTML
  • A comprehensive keyword report for the target marketplace
  • In-depth competitor deep dive analysis
  • Fully implemented on Amazon Seller Central account

Let’s Talk About It

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