The Buy Box

The Buy Box

“My cousin used to dog walk for someone who’s son won a spelling bee with the term Prime, and they said that in order to win the Buy-Box (BB) you need to send a brown envelope with $30 in to Jeff’s home address at least 3 times a year.”

The amount of content written regarding the Buy-Box online is absurd. Everyone chipping in claiming to know the secret formula to Amazon’s algorithm that dictates whether your business is gonna be a hero or generate zero on the Amazon-sters marketplace. I recently read an article by a reputable 3rd party integrator on the topic, sharing it with some old Amazon colleagues we read in utter bewilderment as they didn’t mention the word ‘Prime’ once!

If you’ve ever seen The Wolf of Wall Street there is a fantastic scene where The Wolf’s right hand man is rather inebriated and attempts to say “Steve Madden” – it comes out as “Steeeeeve Maadduurrnn”. My flatmates would re-enact the pitch and tone of this scene after a few beers and replaces Steve Madden with “Prime” or “Prriiiimmee”. The point is, Prime is king and I’d not stop banging on about how detrimental it is to your success on Amazon – with the Buy-Box highlighting this point. Here is my big secret on the Buy-Box that I’ve probably said on the phone almost 2000 times:

Prime is the most heavily weighted factor in determining the Buy-Box winner.

I wait for the keyboard warriors to pile in explaining that that’s ridiculous because price is king, or you need a billion 4-5* reviews etc etc etc – wrong! Yes, they are all factors, but the most heavily weighted factor is whether or not your offering is Prime eligible.

In my eyes, Prime or FBA, is the sexiest thing that can happen for most businesses – if you get it right. You send 20% of your product, that pulls 80% of your revenue (classic), into an Amazon fulfilment centre, they then deal with everything. You kick back, walk your dog 7 times a day, visit relatives in Nice (lovely city) and pretty much put your feet up whilst running your business from your lap (top). Obviously I’m referring to the perfect situation there, but you get the idea.

Unsure of where to start or want to hear more about if this is your next ‘must do’ move? The Listing People will help you understand what SKU’s you want to get in on the action and also breakdown some of the potential savings you can make.

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